Luxurious Poker Card Guards Designed & Built to last a lifetime! 100% Made in the USA!

Crafted with precision in 316 Stainless Steel, Our poker guards exceed the ordinary! Our choice of the highest quality steel guarantees a lifetime of use without tarnishing or rusting!

Lucky Guards are Heavier than a Deck of Cards ! Our choice of Stainless steel not only offers a substantial and gratifying heft when held, but also exceptional durability over plastic or aluminum competitors.

Impeccably smooth rounded corners, meticulously cut with a radius cutter to guarantee a flawless finish that elevates the sensory experience. Ensuring a luxurious result, setting a standard for quality craftsmanship.

As a token of our appreciation, each Lucky Guard comes with a complimentary velvet carrying case, perfect for both transport and storage. Although, we must confess, these guards are a work of art meant to be displayed and admired!

We take pride in our American roots! Lucky Guards are expertly designed, precisely crafted, and shipped from the heart of America by a skilled craftsmen.

The Ultimate Showdown: Mudkip vs Lucky Guard